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In the midst of a serious financial issue, emotions can run high. The fear of the unknown is often the largest contributor to the stress you feel. You may begin to feel like there is no way out of your situation. At Honeycutt Law Firm, my goal is to provide my clients with the reassurance needed to move forward. In addition, I consider it my duty to provide my clients with the emotional support they need as we discuss the details of their situation and the options available to them. As a dedicated consumer protection lawyer in Pierce County, I am here to protect your interests. Whether your home is in foreclosure, you are being sued by a creditor, or you are being harassed by debt collectors, I am prepared to work with you to explain your legal options.

While creditors and debt collectors have the right to collect outstanding debts, they are required to do so within the confines of the law. This is true whether you owe all or just a portion of the money they are attempting to collect. Their actions are limited by several different laws that prohibit a number of illegal practices.

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Some of these actions include using or threatening force or violence, using profane or abusive language, and refusing to identify themselves or the employer they represent. If debt collectors have violated these laws, you may be entitled to sue for just compensation.

Call my law office and make an appointment to discuss your defense options. We will discuss your situation and the options on the road ahead. I proudly serve clients in Puyallup, Washington, and the surrounding areas.